Ray’s is a small family run business with great customer service, excellent repairs at reasonable prices. The office staff were most gracious and accommodating. We were running late the day we were supposed to pick up our car due to traffic and snow. We called and told them we would be arriving a few minutes after closing. Unlike some places that shutter their doors on time, The staff told us not to worry and they would wait for us to arrive. The car was even washed and pre-positioned when we arrived. It’s little touches like this that makes this place special. Simply stated, if you need your car fixed perfectly, want a pleasant experience with the staff and a reasonable price, take your car to Ray’s.
D El

Steve Hassler

Just had a perfect customer experience with Rays Auto Body in Vienna, VA. The team provided outstanding service during my entire experience getting my car repaired from a rear-end accident. I can’t remember the last time I received service so good that there was nothing to improve upon. I highly recommend this shop. Thanks again for a great experience!

Cali Zanders

I have only heard good things about Ray’s Auto Body so I decided to try it, I was also very pleased. The services they had provided me were awesome and exceeded expectations.

Sammi Sid

Great service, reasonable prices, always calls and lets you know the updates on your vehicle. Always feel welcomed to come on in.

Heather Drowser

Ray’s Auto Body Inc is amazing. The staff is so friendly and they are efficient and quick. They understand that your car is a huge part of your life and get the job done quickly to help you resume your schedule.

Ricky Flowers

My wife had used Ray’s Auto Body before we had gotten married and they are one of the services she insisted we continue to this day. I am so glad we only work with them because their services are just second to none. They are just very good at what they do.


Ray’s Auto Body in Vienna is outstanding. They were the most reasonable estimate I got and they completed the work on my cargo van two days early. The damage to the side door hinge was so severe that I told them just to do the best they could. It looks like it did the day we bought the truck. Great price, Great work, I highly recommend Ray’s.

Chris Dowell

I have used Ray’s Auto Body 3 times in the past 10 years and each time they have done a great job. They did a great job on the repairs, they were quick, they completed the work in the time they promised, and the cost was reasonable. I went in this past week with #4 car repair (thanks kids) and the same estimator who did my last repair 5 years ago is still there; in fact a lot of the same people are still there. Nice folks; great place to work with.

Holly Kingston

Ray’s Auto Body did work on my vehicle. They did a great job, I will never regret taking my car to Ray’s! Thanks again.

Cindy Hall

I was so impressed with Ray’s Auto Body and the effectiveness of their service. They were so timely, beyond what I was expecting. Not to forget, they had excellent customer service.

Louis Sasha

5 stars! I have had great experiences with Ray’s Auto Body. I have had to bring my car into their shop twice, for two different repairs, and both times were great. I would highly recommend Ray’s Auto Body, Inc.